AWS Cloud Services

AWS Services

Amazon Web Server (AWS) Services:

AWS has changed the way businesses develop and deploy applications by lowering infrastructure costs and providing on-demand scalability, simplicity of use, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. AWS allows you to construct high-performance solutions tailored to your particular business objectives, budgets, and demands with a broad selection of on-demand global storage, database, analytics, and deployment products and services. 


You just pay for what you use with AWS, and there are no long-term contracts or commitments. AWS helps organisations to bring innovative products to market quickly and stay ahead of the competition thanks to its global backbone infrastructure.

How we Help?

Your company’s cloud requirements are distinct and sophisticated. Our AWS professionals ensure your firm has a plan for today and a strategy for the future while staying on the cutting edge of innovation by combining deep expertise, vast reach, and innovative solutions. 


We begin by listening in order to find a balance between creativity, self-sufficiency, risk, and cost. We’ll then work with you to figure out where you are on your cloud journey and put together a custom service package to suit your IT business goals. 


Every engagement at SkyBizz is guided by a cloud transformation framework and methodology that ensures quality, consistency, and completeness.


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    Our Offerings

    For our great customer experiences, depth and breadth of our goods and services, and capacity to grow to meet customer demand, AWS has named us a premium partner and an audited and approved Managed Service Provider. Our engineers and architects are AWS certified to the highest level and have numerous AWS certifications. 


    We offer a spectrum of AWS solutions and managed services.

    Migrate to AWS

    We lead businesses through migrations with minimum disruption and near-zero downtime, thanks to operational principles refined over hundreds of migrations. For businesses, moving to the cloud may be revolutionary, but the early planning leading up to migration can be intimidating – with so many decisions and economic concerns to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate & Modernize are the three migration steps that Sky Bizz can assist organizations with.


    PHASE 1 – ASSESS: To assist you with any migration problems, we use AWS migration best practises. We’ll do a Migration Preparedness Assessment (MRA) to determine your company’s cloud readiness.


    PHASE 2 – MOBILIZE: During our consultation, we’ll look for any potential roadblocks, financial obstacles, or knowledge or skill gaps that need to be addressed in order for your team to be successful before or after migration.


    PHASE 3 – MIGRATE: We’ll start transferring your applications and make sure they’ve all been tested. We’ll optimise your AWS configuration for spend and performance once your applications are in the cloud.



    AWS Cloud Management

    You can’t afford to use high-impact internal resources on the day-to-day management of your AWS environment when you’re under constant pressure to innovate quicker, adapt faster to unprecedented change, and work more effectively. These everyday operational activities are a near-constant distraction, diverting engineers and developers’ attention away from the jobs that fuel your company’s growth and innovation. We manage your AWS environment for you with Sky Bizz. 

    USE AN EXPERT TEAM: Our AWS-certified team will support, optimise, and manage your cloud at a fraction of the cost of hiring similar people with AWS experience. 


    REDUCE OPERATIONAL OVERHEAD: Reduce your operational overhead, lower your risk, and devote more time to your customer interactions, applications, and other core business initiatives.


    OPTIMIZE YOUR AWS ENVIRONMENT: Sky Bizz Cloud Analysts and CloudOps Engineers make proactive recommendations to help you optimise your AWS environment. 


    USER BEHAVIOR ANOMALY DETECTION: UBAD for AWS environments detects and informs on suspicious activities that could compromise important assets.


    AWS Cloud Security

    Maintaining a robust security posture is more crucial than ever for cloud-based enterprises across industries. However, being responsible in the cloud necessitates fulfilling stringent security and compliance standards as well as following smart security practises. The level of attention required to satisfy these standards, along with the rapid pace of technology, makes it hard for an internal staff to stay up to date on all dangers. 


    Your company will benefit from a customised security solution linked with your AWS deployment, industry compliance standards, and security exposure with our cloud security. You can also feel assured that you’ll be working with professionals: Industry-leading security analytics, infrastructure, and certified SOC analysts support Sky Bizz’s AWS-certified engineers.

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    AWS Cloud Consulting

    The transition to the cloud can be intimidating, but Sky Bizz’s engineers are AWS certified. We are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) with extensive experience in building and exploiting cloud-based solutions.

    Technology Evaluation

    Examine the design of your infrastructure and any potential barriers.

    Expert Problem Solving

    Get expert hands-on-keyboards assistance with technological issues.

    Strategic Road Mapping

    Build a strategic agenda to drive your ongoing infrastructure development.

    Data, Analytics & Machine Learning

    We have the in-house expertise to assist you at every step of your data-driven journey, whether you’re considering building or buying a data lake, looking to improve existing data architecture and pipelines, or implementing custom AI & ML algorithms to better understand your organization’s or customers’ needs.

    Improve Your Data Storage

    Gain insight from a growing volume of data without sacrificing data access or speed.

    Data Pipeline and Process Updation

    Manage data orchestration, data quality assurance, and data pipeline and process optimization.

    Improve your ROI

    Make informed judgments for a variety of business objectives by applying algorithms to your data.

    AWS Cost Optimization & Governance

    You must align best practises and governance procedures to gain efficiencies across your cloud infrastructure in order to maximise performance-for-spend on AWS. You obtain the knowledge, skills, and collaborative procedures needed to minimise costs and improve governance in your AWS cloud by teaming with us. 

    AWS Certified Cloud Analyst

    A dedicated cloud analyst collaborates with you to scope strategic activities that achieve outcomes.

    Greater Transparency

    With the premier cloud management software, you'll have more visibility into your AWS consumption and expenditures.

    Latest Technology

    Increase performance, cut costs, and improve security by utilising the latest tools and technologies.

    Amazon WorkSpaces Consulting

    Organizations must collaborate swiftly and effectively in this era of remote work without sacrificing security or convenience of use. By integrating your on-premises network and Microsoft Active Directory with Amazon WorkSpaces — secure, managed cloud desktops that make it easy for users to access your existing applications, documents, and resources from anywhere and on any supported device — Sky Bizz can help your business transition to a remote workforce.


    CHEAP: Pay-as-you-go for the resources and software your company need. 

    FAMILIAR: Use your favourite device to access familiar business PCs in full fidelity. 

    EASY TO MANAGE: Easily add or remove users, and streamline corporate application deployment. 

    SECURE DATA: Encryption at the enterprise level, independent of the network access point.